Saturday, January 2, 2016

Results Are In For the New Year!

Happy New Year Wayfarers!

May 2016 be a wonderful year for all of you!

And now for the good news: the results are in for the Inkitt Sky Bound contest you've all heard so much about. Click below to see how we did!

Yes you read it right. Life On the Hybridian Way placed THIRD in the Sky Bound contest! They use award tiers so that means that, at 21st place and with 7 votes, we were in the top ten percent! Congratulations everybody and an all around Woohoo!

And now for some only slightly-less-fun announcements:

   - Our Christmas Special Entry has been posted! Read it now for new and familiar faces!

   - We may love Christmas here, but it does mangle the schedule like nothing else. Now that it's over, regular updates will start up again in the next few days.

   - Also in the next few days look out for our New Year's special! It pairs up with the Christmas Entry recently posted so have some merry fun in the meantime while we dot the last few i's in Tori's entry.

Right that's about it. Be on the lookout for cool stuff and more star bound adventure throughout 2016. We hope you continue traveling with us along the Way in the coming new year!

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