Friday, December 11, 2015

Just a Peek...

The tidbit I promised you before, before Auctor stole back the computer and started guarding it like a mother tirja. Read on, darlings, for a hint of things to come.



                "...The job's regular, the pay's pretty good depending on what we haul and for who. That-" He shrugged one strong shoulder. "-and it gets pretty lonely with just me running back and forth. The two of us together, maybe we could have actually have some fun," he said, his eyes leaving her face and going to her slender body.
                Oh, she did not like that look. Not one bit. Feeling cold sweat start to collect on her forehead, Tori smiled nervously and leaned back a bare inch, just enough that there was space between them again. "Fun?" she questioned even though his meaning was obvious.
                The smile took on a more self-deprecating edge as he shifted in his chair. "You didn't notice, but I had quite the crush on you back at uni. Followed you around like a puppy. It was pathetic really." He sounded like he hated himself for it.
                Tori didn't say so, but she had noticed. He wasn't exactly opaque with his feelings now, much less six years ago when he was far less confident. She just hadn't said anything, figuring that since it was only a little crush, he would grow out of it. She had thought it would be kinder in the long run.
                Now she kind of wished she'd nipped it in the bud. Maybe then he wouldn't be looking at her like he was trying to will her shirt off right here in the bar.
                "But now..." He shrugged again, that blasted smile still on his face. "I'm different. You're different. Yeah, why  not? Let's have some fun."
                I would rather kiss a snake-oil salesman, Tori thought. "As flattering as a 'why not' attitude is," she said icily, starting to slide off her stool, "I'll pass. Thanks for the offer Gary, but I don't think this'll work out."
                He actually laughed at her. "Pass? For what? You gonna try Copymart down the street?" He laughed again, the sound dark and mean.
                Tori scowled at him. "I'll find something," she told him firmly...
"There's always better opportunities somewhere."
                She'd meant it simply as a stab at optimism, but anger swept over Gary's stocky features like a sudden thunderstorm. "Better?" he snapped, reaching out and grabbing her by the wrist before she could get past him. "I'm not some two-bit hack living hand-to-mouth, Addison. You're not going to find better."
                The hairs on her neck were standing on end. "Let go, Gary," she hissed, feeling the eyes of those nearest starting to turn to them and not liking it. She had no idea who they would side with if it came down to it.
                "Or what? The golden girl'll scream?" he sneered. "I hate to break it to you Addison, but that's not going to get you the kind of attention you want..."


Will Tori make it home?
Will she ever find out what happened to her friends?
The answers begin Monday the 14th.

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