Saturday, December 12, 2015

Deadline Soon! Cast Your Vote Now!

All right Wayfarers, there's only a few days left in Inkitt's Sky Bound contest and I got a bet with Perseph that our votes will make it to the double digits! We're at 7 right now, so that's only three more. Just three more votes in our favor and I get to hold it over Perseph the almighty busybody-ship... Don't let me down!

The voting period ends December 14. That's this Monday, the same day our next entry is set to go up, so it should be easy to remember.

Just in case you've missed all of Perseph's nagging 'friendly reminders' before this, here's the instructions for how to vote one more time:

Either click here and tap the heart to vote

- or -

Go to
Search for 'Life on the Hybridian Way' under author name Bethany R. Lindell
Still tap the heart to cast your vote!

You can vote more than once and there are some pretty awesome looking stories up there, so look around and support a galaxy of words! First prize is a publishing deal, though we're a little removed from that outcome at this late day...

But still! Ten votes! Go team!

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