Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Calling All Wayfarers!

Life on the Hybridian Way is competing in a contest!

Read more to find out how you can help us win!

With Auctor's continued absence, Perseph's current Earthling (Bethany R. Lindell, human liaison) has entered Life on the Hybridian Way into a contest. If we get enough of your hearts then they'll publish it good and proper (On Earth anyway. We're still in discussions with the Aviciians as well for distribution.)

The contest is hosted by Inkitt and you can find our entry, "Life on the Hybridian Way" under author name Bethany R. Lindell, under the 'Latest' tab. Click the heart for a vote for all our hard work bringing you the continued adventures of Felix, Cor, Kla, and the crew of the Persephone.

Perseph commands asks that if you enjoy our story, then please vote for it! Or share the link with people you believe will enjoy it just as much or more. Even if we don't win, we hope to attract more Wayfarers to the adventures!

Thank you for all your encouragement and continued interest!

Bethany R. Lindell

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