Monday, October 26, 2015


My dear Wayfarers,

I received a little letter from our misplaced scribe. Unfortunately I was still quite upset and let it fly out the airlock immediately after reading it. But fear not! I remember what it said. Or at least the important bits that pertained to me...

1. Sadly, Auctor is still crazy and now tells me that they won't return to us until December at the earliest. Truly unfortunate. Why must we suffer because someone else can't keep their balance on the mental tightrope after all? Ah well...

2. Auctor and friends are working on a more permanent internet home for us, one with information you may not know about our expanded universe. We hope it will be 'up and running', as you Earthens say, in your month of December as well.

3. I found one of the tidbit tales! It's going up Wednesday 28 of this week. It would be sooner, but Auctor has some scheduling doo-dad in play and I couldn't turn it off so it was the best I could do.

All right, so the last wasn't actually in the letter, but I believe it's just as important because everything Auctor had to say is boring.

Anyway, I hope you consider this good news. As for myself I've been spending a lot of time on the divan. Life is just so tedious when there's no one around to listen to me! At least I have you darlings.

With all my love,

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