Monday, October 12, 2015

Good Help Is So Easy to Frighten Off

My dearest Wayfarers,

I apologize most sincerely for the delay in communications, but that dratted scribe Auctor has gone and left me! I found this note on their monitor (which is a stupid place to leave something since it took me this long to find it.)

Of all the nerve. Now is not the time for breaking down! I can't imagine how you must feel after all your faithful 'clicks' or 'swicks' or whatever they're called, that you've left us. I still have yet to lay my hands on them but Auctor told me you sent them. Don't you have my address? Never mind, all I know is that you are a faithful readership and I, for one, adore you beyond reason.

But don't worry. I found the tiniest piece of my story on Auctor's computer before it...broke. Mysteriously. And quite without warning. Anyway, it seems the absent little dear plans to tell you some of the shorter tales I've told. Little drabbles as it were. I believe you will enjoy them. If living them was fun, then surely re-living them must be twice the fun, correct?

I shall deliver it to you. As soon as I find the right button...

In the meantime, don't fret. I'm sure Auctor will be back soon. And if not, I will have My Dearest find my scribe so I can drag Auctor back by the collar. My Dearest is very good at finding things.

With all my love,

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