Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Apologizes and Well Wishes for the New Year

Hello readers! I just wanted to say Happy New Years and wish you all a very good year to come!

I also wish to apologize on behalf of my lady Perseph as well as myself for dropping off the map so suddenly. I realize we've been absent almost two months now and I hope you will accept the simple explanation that I have been busy working on other, more immediate, deadlines and my lady . . . well she's been moping about hoping to convince me that all my other deadlines are stupid and not worth my time when I could be writing out a great epic like hers. She did not succeed, however I will admit (but  not to her) that her story is far from unimportant to me.

In short: Yes, we will be continuing the adventures of Felix, Cor, Tori, and the others. The next chapter is written and awaiting all those little changes that always seem to need fixing before readers can consume it.

Look for the next chapter around mid-January so I can have a little time to sort through the rest of my projects before returning a good part of my attention to Life on the Hybridian Way. I'm thinking sometime around the 15th maybe a little before, maybe a little after. We are both very sorry for this unexpected delay and hope you will forgive us.

I hope to hear from you then and above all I wish you all an amazing new year!

Happy 2015!

Gratefully yours,

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