Monday, July 21, 2014

Greetings from an Old Bird

The Hybridian Way is one of the oldest and well known trade routes in the galaxy. A home to honest men and thieves - and the many men in between - it is lined with rich planets and poor in a path that stretches from the adamantine mines of Centauri Trill to the very heart of the Silver Empire. It is well traveled, if not slightly forgotten now, and it is filled with stories.

There is the young engineer from Earth trying to alter the base laws of space travel, completely unaware of how his discovery will change his quiet life or the very real danger it will put him in.

There is the assistant security director of a Hybridian exploratory ship who hasn't spoken to her captain outside of official duties for months but is still bound by the laws of duty and family to keep his sorry hide in one piece, at least until they can get back home.

And then there are the Hybridians themselves; a rare race of techno-organic beings still trying to recover from a war that very nearly destroyed them. A war whose survivors may kill each other before they remember that not all of their enemies gave up when they surrendered...

It's a big, messy galaxy filled with moving pieces and dangerous people. Welcome to the universe at large, darlings.

Welcome to life on the Hybridian Way.


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